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storm damage repair

High winds from a storm can rip shingles from a roof.

Even without a storm’s torrential rain, wind alone can produce sufficient damage to warrant roof repair or replacement. Here in Florida, homeowners have to deal with the most thunderstorms of any state in the country. This makes it all the more necessary to have a viable plan to repair any storm damage.

For residential roof storm damage in Palm City, FL and surrounding areas, trust Sunshine Roofing to make your repairs. Our roofers have expertise with all types of storm damage, and have the experience necessary to see all areas of repair. If you recently went through a storm, call us today for a consultation at 772-260-8195. Even when not apparent, storm damage can create serious problems for your roof and home.

Signs of Residential Roof Storm Damage

The inspection of your home after every storm serves as a good habit. Should you need to make an insurance claim or call the repair company, it will help to have your own idea of the damage.

Inspect the Attic: The attic often serves as the first place in your home to display roof damage. Look for any water stains or leaks, as these will eventually make their way down into the rest of the house.

Look Around Outdoors: A walk around the exterior of your home provides a good opportunity to inspect roof damage. In particular, look for missing shingles or any piece of damaged fascia. Pay close attention also to all points where your roof meets the walls, and any joints covered with flashing.

residential roof storm damage

Aside from damage to your roof, a fallen tree can do major structural damage to a home.

Tree Damage: If a tree fell on your home, stay outside until a professional has had a chance to inspect the damage. Trees can cause massive damage to a house, and structural insecurities can make it unsafe for occupancy.

The Roof: You generally do not want to find yourself atop the roof after a storm. For your own safety, entrust this inspection to a specialist from Sunshine Roofing.

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High winds and rain from a storm can seriously damage a home. Alternately, you can get lucky and experience no damage whatsoever. To ensure that your home gets the repairs it needs, do not operate from assumptions, however. Trust the experts at Sunshine Roofing to inspect your home after a storm. Should work become necessary, we have decades of experience in all the particulars of storm damage repair. For residential roof storm damage in Palm City, FL and surrounding areas, call us today at 772-260-8195.