Shingle Roof Repair

shingle roof

Our expert installers can make sure your shingle roof gets the attention it deserves.

An asphalt shingle roof has an unparalleled amount of versatility and design potential. Combine these with a high wind rating, low cost, and staggering array of color options, and it becomes clear why homeowners have made asphalt shingles into the most popular roofing material in the country.

If you own a shingle roof in Palm City, FL and surrounding areas, trust Sunshine Roofing with all your repair needs. Whether you’ve recently weathered a storm, or your shingle roof has just begun to show its age, schedule repairs today to avoid extensive costs down the road. To get in touch with Sunshine Roofing for all your asphalt roof needs, call us at 772-260-8195.

Signs Your Roof Shingles Need Replacement

shingle roof

Shingle roofs come with an unparalleled variety of colors and design potential.

Most shingle roofs can last upwards of 20 years. To extend the life of your roof, you’ll want to stay vigilant to its repair needs. Small repairs left ignored can quickly snowball into larger issues, including the need for total roof replacement.

Broken or Missing Shingles: These occur most often due to storm damage or the impact of fallen tree limbs. A single broken or missing shingle can spell trouble for your house, as it provides a point of entry for water.

Missing Granules: A poorly configured roof drainage system can lead to a waterfall effect that washes away roof granules over time. Damage from storms and wind can also cause bare spots to appear from missing granules. As shingles lose their granules, they begin to harden from sun exposure. This accelerates aging, and makes the roof more vulnerable to water damage.

Curled Shingles: Shingles begin to curl as they age, or as they get exposed to excessive heat. The curling then makes the shingles more susceptible to high winds and water erosion. If you notice that your shingles have begun to curl, it serves as a sign that you may need expansive shingle replacement.

Damaged Flashing: With a shingle roof, you also want to stay aware of any damaged flashing. Expansion or contraction from temperature variations can cause flashing fasteners to loosen over time. When this happens, the points between your roof and chimneys, skylights, valleys, and eaves become more susceptible to invasion from water and pests.

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Damage to a shingle roof can quickly spell danger for the rest of a house. As shingles naturally age or degrade, you want to have a trusted service provider to care for your roof. For a shingle roof in Palm City, FL, trust Sunshine Roofing. Give us a call today at 772-260-8195.