Roof Replacement Services

roof replacement

An old roof can leave your home vulnerable to any number of dangers.

As with all components of home construction, a roof can naturally reach the end of its life cycle. Rather than wait for an event that causes total failure, like a big storm, you can undertake roof replacement as preventative maintenance. Once your roof begins to fail at its job, you can expect a steadier frequency of maintenance repairs. A new roof can also generally expect full coverage from an insurance company, whereas one compromised through age may not qualify for the total cost of replacement.

At Sunshine Roofing, we serve as the local experts for roof replacement in Palm City, FL and surrounding areas. Whether you’ve lost your roof to a storm or simple old age, contact us today at 772-260-8195 to discuss your replacement options.

Why You Need a New Roof

Damage to Shingles: Damage to a few shingles here and there does not warrant replacement. Instead, simply call Sunshine Roofing to do some repairs. If many shingles across all areas of your roof need repair, then you’re better off with a roof replacement. Signs of damaged shingles include curling, cracks, and missing granules. In each of these cases, the damage makes the shingles — and therefore your roof — much more vulnerable to the elements.

roof replacement

Our team can quickly and efficiently replace your whole roof.

Age: Once your shingle roof reaches 20 years of age, you need to start thinking about replacement. Other types of roofs, such as metal and tile, have longer lifespans; but regardless, all roofs need replacement at some point. As a general rule of thumb, keep an eye on your neighbors’ roofs. Since most houses in a neighborhood get constructed around the same time, they need new roofs on a similar schedule. If plenty of your neighbors seem to have recently gotten new roofs, it’s time to take a look at your own.

Moss: Aside from a cosmetic issue, moss on the roof of a house can signify serious problems. In most cases, moss grows as a result of some compromise in the roof’s integrity. Moss also holds moisture against a roof, which accelerates decay.

Protect Your Home

Your roof provides protection for your entire home. Once it becomes compromised, you can expect a wealth of other problems to shortly arise. If you think you may need roof replacement in Palm City, FL or surrounding areas, contact Sunshine Roofing today at 772-260-8195.