Preparing for Major Weather


Major Weather

Trees Can Become Dangerous Objects During Major Weather.


As we know, major weather is a big part of living in Florida. Of course, we have it pretty great most of the year, when a tropical storm or hurricane hit, it can be brutal on our roofs. There are ways to prevent and protect your roof from getting damaged beforehand if you follow a few of our tips.


Ways to Keep Your Roof Safe

Cut trees back – If you have trees surrounding your business or home that could potentially come crashing down into your room in the event of major weather, you may want to think about cutting them back. Another preventative way to keep trees from falling over onto your roof is to plant them back far enough that they won’t hit your home or business if they do fall over. For many of us this isn’t an option because the trees are already there, so if you can, cut back large branches or if you know a storm is coming, secure the tree as best you can to the ground.

Check for roof damage – If you already have damage on your roof like broken or loose shingles, chances are that when heavy wind rolls in, that it will rip off or break even more. If you are able to have the damage fixed before a storm is coming, it can prevent even more damage from happening in the long run.You may think that it is counterproductive to fix a roof right before major weather, but this actually will make sure that your roof is more secure. Many roofs can withstand heavy wind, and when you create a solid foundation, it will be able to hold up better and more efficiently than if it was already damaged.

Call an inspector – You should already have your roof inspected every so often to make sure everything is going alright up there, but by having someone come out and inspect your roof, it will ensure that nothing is wrong. It will also give you an opportunity to ask questions before the storm hits and see what would be best suited for your kind of home to keep it safe and standing strong. They can detect damage, and will give you a detailed report of everything as well.

Major weather happens and it is much better to be prepared for them than to wait and see what happens. If you need an expert opinion, give us a call at right away.