The Importance of Rain Gutters

rain gutters

To ensure proper functionality, clean your rain gutters on a bi-annual basis.

For most homeowners, rain gutters exist as an afterthought. You may clean them once a year, but beyond that, they exist as mere accouterments to the roof. In reality, gutters perform a vital function for your roof and home. Without them, you could quickly count on excessive water damage. along with a host of other issues. In order to adequately appreciate and care for your gutters, consider the following.

Important Protection

Gutter provide indispensable protection across a host of areas. First and foremost, they transport water away from your vulnerable roof and foundation. If water collects on your roof, you can count on weakened roofing materials and leaks. If water collects near your house, it will ultimately penetrate your foundation, creating cracks and destabilizing the entire structure.

Properly functioning rain gutters also protect your home from mold damage and pest infestations. The key to both of these comes from the movement of water. Stagnant water creates a breeding ground for insects, and provides the nutrition that mold needs to grow. If the water does not properly flow from your roof drainage into your gutters, you can expect plenty of headaches.


Rain gutters generally require regular maintenance in the form of bi-annual cleanings. As water drains down your roof, it can carry with it leaves and other debris. If this material gets left in your gutters, it will impede their functionality. As with all elements of a home, gutters will also need eventual replacement. Signs to consider include impeded functionality, sags, separation from the house, and rust.

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