Flat Roof Systems

In the commercial roofing industry, there are a ton of roof materials to choose from. However, one of the most popular roofing systems on the market in terms of longevity, durability, and affordability is a flat roof. Flat roof systems are really easy to maintain and are able to last up to 25 years if they installed correctly and serviced annually. If you are interested in flat roof systems for your Palm City and Port St. Lucie, FL business, contact the roofers at Sunshine Roofing, LLC! We can be reached at 772-260-8195 if you are interested in more information about this particular commercial roofing material.

What is the Best Material for a Flat Roof?

Flat Roof Systems

There is a Wide Variety of Flat Roof Systems To Choose From, So Which One is the Best?

When it comes to flat roofing materials, there are a lot of options to choose from. But the question that we always get asked is which is the best material for a flat roof? Honestly, this is all going to depend on a number of factors, such as personal preference, weather conditions, environmental conditions, and even cost. Nevertheless, there does tend to be a few flat roofing system options that are continually called the best flat roof material to choose.

  • EPMD Roofing: No matter what type of climate you live in, EPDM is able to stand up to whatever is thrown its way. Hail, a ton of sun, or rain isn’t able to weather this roof, making it a very durable roofing choice. Another reason it is so great for all types of climates is that it comes in black and white. This is great if you want to save money on air conditioning costs or if you want to keep your commercial property warmer. This flat roof system can last up to 30 years, so you don’t have to worry about a roof replacement anytime soon.
  • PVC Roofing: Are you concerned that when it rains, your roof will have ponding water? One of the best flat roof systems for this type of concern is PVC roofing. The PVC membrane is water resistance, so the chance of water ponding will not happen. In addition to water resistance, it is also resistant to severe weather because of how thick the roof membrane is. If you are looking to reduce your carbon footprint, you are in luck! PVC is completely recyclable, so once it has reached its 20-year lifespan, it is able to be recycled!
  • TPO Roofing: Our buildings tend to move ever so slightly over time, which isn’t a huge deal, but can sometimes affect the roof. Fortunately, one of the best flat roof system, TPO roofing, is extremely flexible, so it alters based on the movement of the building. Other great things about TPO are really durable so if you are ever concerned about damages like tears or punctures, don’t be! Not only is it resistant to those types of damages, but you never have to worry about debris, algae, or dirt, because it is also resistant to those, as well. With TPO you will get a sturdy roof that offers great energy efficiency.

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Are There Issues with Flat Roofs?

With any type of commercial roof, you will have your issues. So what are some common problems with flat roof systems? When flat roofs become punctured or tear, water and moisture can get underneath the roof material. This can cause leaks, which can damage your roof and your building. Another thing to be wary of is pooling water. If there isn’t a place for the water to run off the flat roof, it will stay on the flat roof. This is another way that commercial roofs can produce leaks and other problems down the road. Because your flat roof is out in the sun all day, it can develop a thing called “alligatoring” which means that the surface of the roof material is bubbling up or blistering due to constant sun exposure. While these things might sound scary, when you have a licensed and professional roofer, they are able to deal with these types of situations head-on and come up with the best solution.

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