Effective Roof Leak Location

When your home has a roof leak, it may feel like a losing battle trying to find the damage from the outside. While you know that you need a quick repair, the damage may seem to disappear or to go away unless it’s currently raining or wet outside. Luckily there are some tricks to easy roof leak location for quicker repair.

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Water Doesn’t Run Uphill

While that may seem like an elementary fact, it’s seldom applied when looking for a roof leak. If your inside leak is displaying damages that are halfway down the length of your roof, then you know that the leak is not lower than that point. Therefore, you can rule out any location lower than your inside damage site.

Water leaks Don’t Mean Material Damage

Well, not always. In some cases, the shingles, wood, or tile is actually intact while the roof’s underlayment is actually the culprit, damaged by wear, movement, or animals. You can check your underlayment by running water in small sections on your roof. While it may seem tedious, you will definitely uncover an underlayment leak using this method.

There May be More Than One

As with any type of home repair, there could be more than one origination point. Hail, wind, and even normal wear can cause multiple small leaks that act like one large leak. Once yo9u locate your first leak point, ensure careful examination of the nearby areas to keep from missing secondary damages.

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