Considerations for Roof Purchases

Roof MaterialsWhen it’s time to replace your roof, the process can feel a bit overwhelming. Choices from material quality, style, and function to which installation company you’ll use can become daunting tasks that you’re unsure of. Beginning with these three considerations can help you make smart, productive choices for your home that can lead to your dream roof installation.


The single most important consideration when purchasing a new roof is budget planning. Many times, your roof is being replaced because of some sort of damage and your insurance company will be paying for the majority or all of the work. Will you be adding to that balance? Roofing solutions can vary in cost greatly, so once you know the budget you will be using, you will have a better idea of which materials to begin researching. For example, shingles and metal roofs are typically much less expensive than tile or wood shake and shingle roofs. Therefore, if you are on a tight budget, these more costly options may not be your best choice.


Your local weather and temperature can weight your decision as well. For instance, if your local humidity level is usually high, a wood shake roof may not be the best solution for your home, due to the absorption of water by wood products. However, tile and shingles work well in almost any environment and can thrive in extremely humid areas.


What do you want your roof to look like? Take some time and drive around your local area to see which roofs you like the look of. Once you have decided on the appearance of your roof, you can research roofing options to accomplish it easily. Concrete or metal can be substituted for heavy, expensive tile, and architectural shingles can be crafted to resemble wood shakes.

Answering these three simple questions can help you get well on your way to finding the perfect roofing system for your home. For questions about your next roofing solution, or to schedule a consultation call Sunshine Roofing at 772-260-8195.