Common Signs You Need a New Roof

Common Signs You Need a New Roof

These Are Common Signs You Need a New Roof.

A roof replacement is one of the most frightening things for a homeowner. While it is scary, it’s important to know when you might need a new roof for your home. Below are common signs you need a new roof.

Age of Your Roofing System

In regards to traditional residential roofing like asphalt shingles, the lifespan is from 20-25 years. If your roof is hitting its 25th birthday, you may want to consider a new roof.

Consistent Repairs

Roof repairs are pretty normal from time to time, but if you are calling your local roofer every few weeks, that can spell trouble. Not only is this annoying but it’s a pretty big tell-tale sign you need a new roof.

The Roof is Sagging

If you look at your roof from street level, does it look like it’s sagging in some parts? This could be due to water that has caused structural damage to the roof. Either way, it’s worth asking a roofer if you need a roof replacement.

Shingle Clues

If you have a shingle roof, there are a few signs to be wary of. Buckled shingles, missing shingles, or granules in the gutters are a good indication that your roofing system is getting close to being replaced.

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