Roof Coating Installation

roof coating

A roof coating comes with excellent waterproofing capabilities.

If you manage a facility or own a company with a commercial roof, you’ve likely heard about the benefits of a roof coating. As sustainable, fully restored weatherproofing systems, roof coatings greatly prolong the life of your roof. They also represent a cost-effective and environmentally friendly option for compromised roofs short of total replacement.

At Sunshine Roofing, we offer a full range of options for roof coating in Palm City, FL. If you’ve begun to investigate the viability of roof coating for your business, consider these five key benefits and contact us at 772-260-8195.

Benefits of a Roof Coating

Seamless Weather Proofing

A roof coating system represents a monolithic roofing membrane that completely covers your roof. The roof coating spray gets applied equally around hatches, pipes, and all parts of the roof, to fully seal and weatherproof the area. The coating material spreads to fill gaps, so no vulnerable areas remain in nooks and crannies of your roof.

roof coating

At Sunshine Roofing, we offer quick and reliable roof coating installation.

Cost Effective

Since roof coatings get applied right on top of your old roof, it represents a cost-effective and fast alternative to the complete installation of a new roof. A roof coating also prevents the need to remove and discard the old roof entirely, which saves on landfill fees.


Roof coatings can get reapplied every 10 years or so, which greatly extends the life of your roof. Waterproofing capabilities get improved on a regular time frame, and you can save on energy bills thanks to the renewed reflective coating.

No Disruptions

A major cost consideration of a new roof comes from the downtime of your business as you close for its installation. Roof coatings create no comparable disruption, and allow work to continue unabated.


The highly reflective nature of roof coatings allow your roof to deflect more of the sun’s harmful UV rays. In and of itself, this lowers maintenance costs and greatly extends the life of your roof. Reflective roof coatings also deliver a more comfortable and cooler environment within the the building itself.

Local Experts for a Roof Membrane

When it comes time to consider roof coating in Palm City, FL, turn to the experts you can trust at Sunshine Roofing. We bring care and expertise to all of our jobs, and we guarantee an effective roof coating that will greatly extend the life of your commercial roof. To schedule a consultation or learn more, call us at 772-260-8195.