PVC Roofing Repair

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PVC, or polyvinyl chloride, roofs get comprised from a single layer membrane crafted from a flexible, thick, and UV-resistant material. PVC gets created to withstand pooling water through a hot weld construction. When white, PVC roofing helps improve a structure’s energy efficiency thanks to UV resistance. When placed on a low slope commercial roof, PVC roofing provides long-term durability.

At Sunshine Roofing, we are the experts for PVC roofing in Palm City, FL. PVC roofing generally has long lifespan when installed correctly. Nevertheless, repairs can become necessary thanks to a handful of factors. If you notice any of the following signs, call us at 772-260-8195 to discuss your repair options.

Your Industrial Roofing Experts

As experts with industrial roofing, we’ve become familiar with the various signs that indicate a need for repair. If you have PVC roofing, you’ll want to inspect your roof for any of these indicators of repair.


A PVC roof that has multiple patches has already gone through repair. These patches can become weak points for future repair, and should get inspected regularly. Repairs can also suffer thanks to inferior materials. In this case, the repair may have worked temporarily, only to fail again after a set period of time.

Separation or Lack of Adhesion

heat weld

Heat welding gives PVC roofing even greater durability.

A PVC membrane can sag in various places thanks to a lack of adhesion. Seams can also suffer from improper welding in the roof’s construction. Damage or tears in the  membrane can occur because of carelessness or simple wear, and need immediate repair. These issues create problems for the roof in that they allow water penetration. A PVC roof’s durability relies heavily on its uniform impenetrability.

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When installed and repaired correctly, PVC becomes tough to beat in the industrial roofing market. For example, PVC roofing far surpasses the minimum breaking strength of 200 pounds per inch, and can withstand up to 350 pounds across a similar area. The heat-welded seams of PVC piping also provide a great increase in durability. While many roofing types’ seams represent a point of weakness, PVC seams are actually stronger than the membrane itself. PVC also has high resistance to heat and chemicals, a benefit for many industrial operations.

When it comes time to repair your roof, trust the experts with PVC roofing in Palm City, FL. Sunshine Roofing ensures that repairs get done thoroughly, so you don’t need to worry about them again. To inquire about or schedule service, call us today at 772-260-8195.