Flat Roof Repair

flat roof repair

Flat roofs have many benefits, so long as you take care against water damage.

A well-designed and installed flat roof can last for decades. All the same, owners should regularly have their roof inspected for signs of damage. In most cases, you can greatly extend the life of your roof if you practice flat roof repair quickly. Not only that, but you can keep costs down and reinvest the saved capital into your business.

At Sunshine Roofing, we have extensive experience in all manner of flat roof repairs. If you need flat roof repair in Palm City, FL, call us today at 772-260-8195. Hesitation around flat roof repairs will only cost you more money down the road. If you notice any of the following, call us to schedule an appointment today.

Signs You Need Flat Roof Repair

With proper installation, you can mitigate many of the risks of flat roof repair.

Ponded water: Flat roofs do not have a lot of leeway when it comes to water. Even a flat roof should allow for moisture runoff, and has a gutter system to channel rainfall away from the structure. If you notice ponded water after a storm, it means that the roof does not function properly. It could have a sag, or a clog in its gutter system; either way, this needs to get repaired quickly to avoid further damage or roof failure.

Leaks: An obvious sign that you need roof repair, leaks can quickly account for significant damage to your structure. If you’ve noticed a leak inside your building, then it has already done significant damage to the roof. Do not hesitate when it comes to leaks, and call Sunshine Roofing immediately to schedule repairs.

Blisters or Tears in the Membrane: A blister on a flat roof can indicate that water has already entered and begun separation of the roofing materials. A tear can have many causes, but also represents a vulnerability to water damage. In either case, schedule repairs right away to prevent more damage.

Algae or Moss: Both of these require a constant source of water to grow. Once you’ve gotten them cleaned off, you’ll want to identify this source and make the necessary repairs.

Contact Us for Flat Roofing

In each of these cases, you see water as the culprit for flat roof damage. As a major investment, a flat roof should warrant immediate action when under assault from water. For flat roof repair in Palm City, FL, contact the experts at Sunshine Roofing at 772-260-8195.