Commercial Roof Storm Damage Repair

thunderclouds and lightning

Storms in Florida mean serious business. Commercial roof owners should be prepared.

When it comes to storms, the drainage systems on most roofs can more than handle the output from the clouds. High winds represent the true danger to a roof, especially in a state as storm-prone as Florida. In fact, Florida has more thunderstorms per year than any other state, with as many as 130 a year in some areas. Because of this, business owners should always know who to call for storm damage repair services.

Even the most well designed roof will inevitably suffer from storm damage, however. In fact, any time the wind picks up outside, a commercial roof will bear the brunt of the impact. To prevent roof failure, the owner of a commercial building should become aware of the signs of storm damage. For all commercial roof storm damage repair in Palm City, FL, call the experts at Sunshine Roofing at 772-260-8195 today.

The Commercial Roof Storm Damage Repair Experts

Storms can cause damage to commercial roofs in three different manners. For any of these, call the storm damage experts at Sunshine Roofing to schedule maintenance and repair.

Water Damage: Wind actually combines with rain to create an especially dangerous mixture for roofs. High winds can work their way beneath roofing material to create an entry point for rain. As rain enters the roof, it can cause roofing material to bubble, create leaks, and contribute to the overall degradation of the roof.

storm damage repair

When it comes to storms, wind can cause serious damage to commercial roofs.

Wind Uplift: High winds can cause plenty of damage on their own, even without rain. If winds gets beneath roof materials, it can pull them up. The signs of this appear as wrinkles or bubbles beneath the surface of the roof. Insecurely fastened roofing materials present a recipe for disaster, and should get repaired quickly.

Wind Scouring: For gravel or built-up roofs, wind scouring can also cause significant problems. Granules get torn from the underlying roof member, while gravel from built-up roofs can also get torn away. Both of these can seriously lessen the lifespan of a commercial roof.

Wind Damage and More

At Sunshine Roofing, we have ample experience with the signs and dangers of storm damage. For commercial roof storm damage repair in Palm City, FL, call 772-260-8195 today for service. Storm damage can quickly worsen into bigger problems down the road. If you suspect you’ve been affected, do not hesitate to find a solution.